A brief history of the establishment of

the Windsor Chinese Baptist Church

 By His wonderful grace and faithfulness, God led the Windsor Chinese Baptist Church (WCBC) throughout its history.

 In 1975, leaders of the Toronto Chinese Baptist Church (TCBC) saw the need of the Gospel for a group of Chinese living in Windsor, 400 km south of Toronto. After much prayers and discussions with a group of dedicated believers in Windsor, TCBC decided to plant a church there under the guidance of our Lord. Temple Baptist Church generously rented their church building to us as a meeting place. Windsor Chinese Baptist Church held their first Sunday worship in the afternoon of October 5, 1975. We used this place to worship and serve God until 1992.

Ever since the beginning, our church provided Chinese classes to provide Chinese education to the next generation. This ministry became a medium to reach immigrants, thus, expanded the work of local evangelization.

 During the years 1976-1982, overseas Chinese students flocked to Canada for higher education. Our church attendance increased from several dozens to over 130. Eighty percent of them were college and high school students. During these years, God gave us the opportunity to evangelize a lot of students. They served enthusiastically in various church ministries, thus, enabling them to be witnesses and workers of the Lord wherever they go after graduation.

 Through our church, we nurtured a number of brothers and sisters who dedicated their lives to full-time ministry of the Lord. They include: Rev. and Mrs. Philip and Frieda Yung, Christina Chung (wife of Rev. John Wong), Rev. and Mrs. John and Karen Loh, Rev. Kenneth Tam, Rev. Edward To, Rev. Eva Watt, missionary Polly Chan and Pastor Nancy Law.

There are also other brothers and sisters who served in Christian organizations such as Bill Chung (Tien Dao) and Amy Kwong Li (CCOWE).

 In 1982, God gave us the vision of having our own building of worship. We initiated the church building plan and the collection of building fund.

 From 1983 to 1984, the number of students studying in Windsor continued to decrease. Hence, the proportion of young people and adults in the church became more even.

We started our first Missionary Conference in 1985 to promote missions work. Since then, we have supported eleven missionaries, evangelizing in Hong Kong, Canada, Central America, South America, Africa, the Philippines, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, to make disciples of all nations,

 From 1975 to 1998, we received pastoral care from different ministers, including Rev. Gaspard Lam, Rev. Timothy Tam, Rev. John Loh, Pastor Christopher Chung, Ms. Stella Tsang, Rev. Kin Hung Tse, and Rev. Joshua Ng. During this period, Rev. Andrew Wong and the deacon team of the Toronto Chinese Baptist Church also gave us a lot of help, support and guidance. We offer our sincere thanks to them.

 In 1992, under the leadership of our Lord, we purchased the old site of the United Church on University Street West without any debt. On July 19 of the same year, we held the first Sunday worship in this new church site. The dedication ceremony was held on September 26. Many brothers and sisters who had left also came back from all parts of the world to participate in the celebration. About 300 people gathered together to sing with us "Glory to God."

 In October of 1995, our church officially became independent.

In recent years, many foreign students and immigrants from mainland China came to this city. The Mandarin fellowship started to suit their needs. The worship service on Sundays was also conducted in both Cantonese and Mandarin. At the same time, the English worship was established.

May all the honour, glory, and praise be given to our heavenly Father!

Remember Deacon Wai Fung